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But enough about me...let's talk about something important. Like...
a cappella, aaron sorkin, alternate histories, alternate history, alternative energy, alternative vehicles, architecture, archival science, archives, battlestar galactica, beethoven, being erica, boardgames, boardgaming, broadway musicals, browncoats, carleton, carleton college, celtic history, celtic music, cheese, children's literature, choral music, cohousing, cole porter, connections, conservation, cooking, cornell, cornell university, correspondence, doctor who, douglas adams, eating, education, farscape, film, finger lakes, finger lakes wines, firefly, game of thrones, gardening, genealogy, george r r martin, george rr martin, gershwin, gilmore girls, harry potter, historic preservation, history, hybrid cars, ice and fire, indiana jones, intentional communities, ireland, ithaca, james goldman, jim henson, josquin, late night talking, letters, librarians, libraries, life on mars, macintosh, macintoshes, macs, mad men, mary rodgers, mendelssohn, mozart, muppets, museums, music, music theory, musical theatre, musicals, musicology, mutant enemy, national public radio, npr, old town portland, opera, oregon, pacific northwest, perseids, physics, porter, portland, preservation, public radio, public transit, quakers, radio, red dwarf, science, science education, science fiction, scotland, serenity, shakespeare, singing, snail mail, snow, sondheim, southeast portland, speculative fiction, stephen sondheim, stereo photography, stout, studio 60, sustainability, tam lin, technology, theatre, thunderstorms, time team, time team america, time travel, tom lehrer, trees, university of oregon, urban planning, used books, west wing, whedon, white stag, william goldman, ya fiction, young adult books